America’s Cup Trophy (Wife) Vol.1

I was racing my sail boat in the America’s Cup and was so far ahead that I decided to take a break and play some tunes on my guitar. My crew was well trained and my dog was on the lookout for the other yacht in case it caught up.

Suddenly, I hear a voice like a siren coming from the side of my boat. In retrospect it was actually the screaming of a frantic, half drowned woman, but love can play tricks on your memory. Anyway, I look over the starboard and see Jennifer there in a lifejacket, floating. Her Disney Cruise ship had not noticed her fall overboard when she was trying to recover the puck from her shuffleboard game as she kind of sucks at shuffle board and it had almost gone over the edge.

I digress, here was this angel floating in the water and I had to save her. Again, suddenly, my dog (whose name was Corbin RIP) started barking and I noticed the other ship gaining rapidly.

I had to make decision. I made the right one. Win the race AND save the girl. “You, turn the thing! And that other thing!” “Number One, MAKE IT SO!!!” Meanwhile I quickly ripped the strings from my guitar and tied them together with fisherman’s knots. I used my capo as a hook and skillfully threw my makeshift lifeline and caught her by the strap of her lifejacket. I pulled her to safety and when my eyes fell upon this woman I knew I would lover her forever. I had won my trophy…and the race

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